• The Other Show

    The other show, comes from the idea of experimenting what I´ve learned ,while I was living in the big apple ( NYC). It Couldn´t be other thing that singing crooner´s songs . Every time that am singing these songs am definitely back in Weehawken, NJ. Land of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

  • Historias de Patiperro

    Among others idioms that we have back in my country, "Patiperro" means a person that doesn´t have a known address. because is everywhere, travels a lot, and he´d never stay in only one place. a dog´s leg.
    About the cd.Tenths was a way to express rhymes. in ten lines you have to versing a story. Of course about meaningful things. God, the land, and the human been

  • Menta & Limón

    Love this album. The only one i´ve won some profit.
    Before 2008 there was only one online platform to sell music. Yes , Cd Baby.... Years later I found my self on Spotify and I was wonder why! Well Cd Baby did some smart alliance, and all the titles, no question ask to the authors, were automatically transfer to first world of Spotify. I could not sell in years what Spotify has sell for me since then. About the cd. Love it, because it was my first. You can tell when you hear my candid and teenager voice. A compilation of 80´s popular chilean and argentinean popular songs .

Thanks to you for three decades of music in my life ....

Cristian De Rivera